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Danielle Clowes

Danielle Clowes

Environmental Analyst

Dannielle is an Environmental Analyst at WMS, driven by a passion for instigating change in the environmental consulting domain. She is deeply interested in a spectrum of projects, encompassing waterway health, quality, restoration, monitoring, and the impacts of urban development within catchments.

With a background in environmental science and business sustainability, Dannielle excels in working on a variety of environmentally focused projects. Simultaneously, she actively contributes to strengthening internal sustainability goals within the business. Dannielle takes on initiatives such as the company’s sustainability reporting, decarbonization goals, and Environmental Management Systems.

Dannielle’s proficiency extends across a range of software applications, notably Geographic Information Systems (GIS), hydraulic modeling using TUFLOW, and MUSIC modeling. With a comprehensive skill set, Dannielle aims to contribute her expertise to impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, ecological restoration, environmental management, and planning.