Amanda Tobias | WMS Engineering

Amanda Tobias

Project Engineer

Amanda joined WMS in December 2021 as a Graduate Engineer. She graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 2019 with a Master of Applied Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and brings one year of experience in water and sewer networks design.

During her master’s degree, Amanda mainly focused on water and wastewater treatment technologies, and her thesis investigated the use of gravity-driven biological membrane systems for small and/or remote communities. During her first year as a graduate engineer, Amanda had the chance to work on the concept and detailed design of water and wastewater networks as part of a secondment with Sydney Water.

Amanda’s varied background in Water and her experience living in 3 different countries have allowed her to be flexible, adaptable and a fast-learner. Since joining Water Modelling Solutions, Amanda has been developing her water resources and modelling skills and has already contributed to several flood investigations and proposals.