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Monika Balicki

Monika Balicki



Monika is a Principal Engineer and Director of Water Modelling Solutions. She has over 10 years’ professional experience acquired across the water, infrastructure, mining and agricultural sectors with strong expertise in hydrology and hydraulics. Monika has been involved in a wide range of water resource projects in Australia and overseas, including flood studies, drainage assessments, surface water-groundwater interaction studies, morphological studies and water quality modelling studies. Monika has also been called on as an expert witness and reviewer of many hydraulic models. Having worked on a wide variety of projects from small developments to multi-billion-dollar projects such as the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, Monika has an excellent understanding of technical outcomes required for hydraulic design projects regardless of complexity.

Since joining Water Modelling Solutions as a Director in 2015, Monika has been responsible for managing WMS’s day-to-day operations including the development and execution of business and marketing strategies, maintaining trust relationships with clients and other stakeholders and delegation and supervision of work.