Oliver Davies | WMS Engineering
Oliver Davies

Oliver Davies

Senior Engineer

Oliver is a Senior Engineer at WMS with over five (5) years of experience across the hydrology, hydraulics, civil, and environmental disciplines. Oliver has a passion for sustainable design and aims to assist clients and stakeholders at all levels to effectively achieve sustainable outcomes. Oliver began his professional career in Tasmania with Pitt & Sherry in early 2020. Under the guidance of industry leaders at Pitt & Sherry, Oliver developed strong expertise in flood modelling, drainage design, flood impact assessment, and stormwater management. In early 2023, Oliver relocated to pitt&sherry’s Brisbane office to widen his knowledge set and pursue broader market opportunities.

Oliver joined WMS in May 2023 where he currently manages and delivers a wide portfolio of projects for clients in the mining, infrastructure, development, and floodplain management sectors. Oliver is heavily involved in the business development and resource allocation of WMS and has an established track record of identifying and solving client’s needs.

Oliver has proficiency in the following software: TUFLOW, QGIS, DRAINS, RORB, URBS, ILSAX, AutoCAD, 12d Model, HEC-RAS, MUSIC, and FLIKE.