Meet Elliott | Graduate Hydraulic Engineer | WMS Engineering
May 12, 2023

Meet Elliott | Graduate Hydraulic Engineer

Elliott Beswick has recently joined our Brisbane office team, and we’re excited to have this motivated hydraulic engineer on board.

With a civil engineering degree from the University of Queensland now under his belt, Elliott says he was itching to use his skills and knowledge to solve some real-world problems for our Aussie clients.

“I’ve done some water modelling at Uni before and really liked it, so I was super keen to join the team and jump into it,” he enthuses.


Why hydraulics? 

Since joining us, Elliott has been working on running hydraulic flood models for our clients across Australia. He was especially drawn to work helping communities affected by flooding after having witnessed the devastating effects of floods first-hand.

“It’s such a big issue right now. I remember we had some pretty big floods here in Brisbane just over a year ago, and I personally saw the impact of that. And also in other places around the country, like Northern Rivers, New South Wales, I love spending time there and seeing places like that struggling just impacted me so much.” 

“So, yeah, it was a pretty natural area to go into for me,” Elliott explains.

Working at WMS

Working within a tight-knit team at a smaller engineering firm has also given Elliott the chance to work across different aspects of engineering projects while being guided and mentored by senior engineers at WMS who share in his passion.

“I was definitely surrounded by really friendly people on my first day. Ever since, I’ve just felt really welcome to ask as many questions as possible and be curious,” he says.

Being closely involved in everything has also meant that Elliott feels he is able to really own the projects he works on and see how they directly impact the community, something which sometimes isn’t always possible when working for a larger engineering company.

“WMS also offers insight into how the company works and how they want things to be done which is really a plus, as from an engineering perspective you can sometimes be kept in the dark about that sort of thing if you’re an entry-level employee. That’s definitely not how they do things at WMS, so it’s been really cool to see and become a part of that,” says Elliott.


Making a positive difference

Elliott says he likes working in an organisation that makes a positive difference in the world, and is particularly inspired by the global impact of solar electricity farm projects. While flooding projects don’t in themselves produce electricity, Elliott explains that water modelling can help support the development of renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“At WMS it’s great that we can contribute to projects like that that are building the renewable electricity network and help directly make an impact on the big issues like global warming, climate change and decarbonization. It’s pretty awesome, really!” he says.

Outside of work Elliott also loves spending time outdoors, so it’s easy to see why he is so enthusiastic about preserving our natural environment. 

“I love fishing. I’m terrible at it – but I love it. I’m also a cyclist so next time you get annoyed on the road… it could be me!” he says.

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